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Haris Setiadi, a Talent to Write

Full name Haris Setiadi regular called Haris, he was prodi's Physics Engineering UNTAN force 2014. He is a man born 23 June 1996 in Tekarang who have talent in writing especially scientific papers. He started pouring the first writing talent that is when he was active in the Organization of LIPSERA at the time of the third grade of high school. That's where I met him because of a coincidence in that time I've entered the first class of high school. He is a very famous senior I high school. Since HIGH SCHOOL I sometimes learn a lot from him either in terms of academic as well as other things. Because he is a very open person so I feel comfortable when asked or learn other things.
Entering a higher level I reunited again with her in this engineering campus. Because different prodi we rarely meet and interact there is no coincidence of interests ... ... ... hehehe. However, upon entering the two-semester lectures I got interested with writing and I know if I really could not write. By chance a when I cross paths with him and asked him to teach me. I made an appointment with her to learn in the train of my writing. From this I learned how to write and write
the real. Although I have not succeeded in creating work but for me science is paramount.
I learned a lot from him sometimes, not because of the kepenulisanya but because the motivation was. Maybe for others he is not so well known in writing. But there are things that other people don't know about him, and I learned that writing is the thing that is most important in the world because it is a bridge of knowledge and writing not just to write but knowing the meaning of the writing itself. Therefore she is just a little bit produces his work but one works are created that contain a million benefits.
I chose him to be interviewed is because for me he is the best writing teacher for me. And writing is the most beautiful thing that God ever granted to his servant.
Following are the results of my interview with him:
Me: according to you what is paper?
Haris: paper is a writing that include data, issues, analysis and
Me: how long will it take to learn to write?
Haris: will never be counted, and there will never be finally
Me: now, how many of the works have been created:
Haris: three New
Me: what? and have won the contest writing?
Haris: LKTI, had LKTI in the poor by 2015.
Me: how about tips on making paper according to you?
Haris: must fulfill the steps: analysis, hypothesis, data and solutions

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A. Pre-Reading Questions
1.  In what ways robots make our lives better in the future? in what ways robots make our lives  worse?
     Robots make our lives better onto:

  • easing of information and communication
  • did not waste much time in doing the job
  • facilitate the work of a day today

Robots make our lives worse onto:
  • improve disease coused by radiation
  • increasing laziness
  • add to unemployment because jobs are done using a robot
   2. What kinds of robots would you like to see?
      Answer:    robots that can detect in emergency

B. Reading
     Highlight an interesting idea in each paragraph.
  1. gates suggest that soon robots will be adopted in the home in the same way that personal computer have been
  2. first, robots need a brain a computer
  3.  if we are alone, they will keep us company and entertain us
C. Identifying Topic  and Main Idea

1. which of the following best describes the topic of the text?
  Answer:  A. computers and robots
2. which of the following best describes the main idea of the text?
  Answer:  A.  robots will improve our lives in many ways

 E. Identifying Opnions

Going Beyond The Text

Airline Pilot 
we don’t agree of a robot become an airline pilot because if the robot so it is static, the robot pilot in control of the plane, while the man is dynamic, for example in the case of an emergency the robot cannot change the initial potition in the control the plane.

we agree if a robot become cook because robot can do whatever  in instruct, so we can order any food recipes that we want.

we don’t agree if a robot become doctor because we think if in the review of the safety of the patient , especially in terms of operations

Police Officer
we don’t agree if a robot become police officer because the profesion of a police officer requires a person who can think smart, flexible dynamic, where it is not owner by the robots especially in terms of handling criminal case.

we agree if a robot become a singer because the robot never get angry.
Store Clerk

we agree if a robot become store clerk because robots have no sense of bored and tired so that his ability to keep the shop does not diminish.
Taxi Driver

we don’t agree if a robot become a taxi driver because robots cannot control the car in the event of an emergency situation.

we agree if a robot become teacher because robots can perform pricise an aculrate instruction in learning process.

I can’t imagine life without clock tugas 3

I can’t imagine life without clock



Our everyday life is filled with the arrival, departure, and a flurry of us, everything is based on a schedule that is sometimes not exact, of course, our lives and the days we planned and specified by the time on the clock. Have you ever imagined if no hours this world??? What will happen??
I am very thankful to the Almighty Creator for having bestowed a sense to man to create the pointer tool time namely hours., so now the man can use a bookmark as a time clock. Time is the most important asset in human life. Time is able to fill the entire niche in human life. The time was the one who arranged all aspects of human life. Probably most people would have time, if we include one of them, take a two minute contemplate the sentence below!

  • Want to know the meaning of one year's time?

  • ask-to students who failed the exam grade increment.

  • Want to know the meaning of a month's time?
  • just ask the mother to give birth to premature babies.
  • Want to know the meaning of one weekend?
  • ask-to the editor of the magazine.
  • Want to know the meaning of time one day?
  • ask-to workers with a daily salary.
  • Want to know the meaning of an hour?
  • just ask to a girl who is waiting for her lover.
  • Want to know the meaning of time of one minute?
  • ask to the person who missed the train.
  • Want to know the meaning of time one second?
  • just ask to someone who survived the accident.
  • Want to know the meaning of a milli seconds?
  • ask a runner to Olympic medalist.

We have the same time every day but its use is different. We have a lot of activity every day, we eat contains a promise to go to the Office, lecture, prayer and many more all of that go hand in hand with time. Then what happens if there is no manager called CLOCK that regulates our time. Set a time for prayer, sleep, measure how much time we've spent and other activities. Then we are sure that today can still run well? Or can we live a day without any hours in this world???

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core vocabulary
B. Scanning and Skimming
living in the robots
Find and underline the keywords in the text . The first  one is done for you . Try to guess theirs meanings.

1.    Adopt  is to accept or star to us something new.
2.    Effort  is physical or mental activity needed to achieve something, or an attempt to do something.
3.     Aid is help or support.

4.  Force is strength or power exerted upon an object; physical coercion; violence: persuasive power; power to convince.
5.    Career is  the jobs or series of job that you do during your working life especially if you continue to get better jobs and earn more many.  
6.    Oppose is to disagree with something or someone.
7. Code is a system for communication by telegraph, heliograph, etc., in which long and short sounds, light flashes, etc., are used to symbolize the content of a message.
8.    Potential is  someone's or something's ability to develop, achieve, or succeed
9.    Doubt  is to be uncertain about something; be undecided in opinion or belief.
10. Serve is to work for.